Killing two-hundred cows for ONE burger

Killing two-hundred cows for ONE burger: The dark hypocrisy behind ‘humane’ lab-grown meat and the Sydney University researchers offering a truly cruelty-free alternative By 2050 there will be nine billion of us on this planet consuming 60% more food and almost twice as much protein as we do today, so where’s all this extra tucker […]

What’s the deal with lab-grown meat?

What’s the deal with lab-grown meat? Why Australia’s free trade agreement with India could see a boom in exports of innovative cruelty-free meat alternatives and vegan wine As Australian cattle farmers face climbing temperatures and intense droughts, speculation continues to grow over whether lab-grown meat will step up to support the future of meat production […]

In an election devoid of Big Ideas, here is one Australia

Potentially the most prescient global conversation of the modern era has been that surrounding how we create, source, and consume energy.  Buoyed by the stark realization of what fossil fuels are doing to our planet, we’ve seen more and more people calling for a rapid acceleration in our transition towards renewable energy.  To put it […]

Food Waste – A Global Climate Crisis

The Environmental Impact of Food Wastage is Solvable, If Leaders Step Up Recently I was asked to participate in a conference called Stockholm 50 which was held on UN World Environment Day. The objective of the gathering was to bring together key thinkers and decision-makers to evaluate our progress towards a more sustainable future and […]

The Brazilian Paradox

The Brazilian Paradox is term coined by Defugo Technologies and Price Waterhouse Coopers in their recent joint “Biomass to Energy” whitepaper. The paradox, of course, refers to the idea that a country or a business has to choose between food or energy when selling to the market. On a global scale this decision on how […]